Acrex India 2020

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Global Copper Pvt. Ltd.
Stand: A-65
Address: 65/66 Garadiya Jarod- Samlaya Road TA:SAVLI, India

Company Profile
RR Shramik - Global Copper Pvt. Ltd is a part of a multi conglomerate group RR Global (a 650 Million US$ Group with presence in more than 80 countries ) Manufacturing Seamless Copper tubes. With a State of the Art Manufacturing Facility based in Vadoadara, Gujarat to manufacture Seamless Copper Tubes with the most advanced CAST AND ROLL Technology having a capacity of 4800 MTPA confirming to all the international standards for copper tubes like JIS H3300, ASTM B68, B75, B280, EN 1057 etc. We are the only manufacturers of LWC- Level Wound Coils / Jumbo coils with a product range of LWC, PCC - Pancake Coils - 50 ft / 100 ft, Straight Copper tubes, PVC Coated Copper tubes, Pre Insulated Copper Tubes and VRV-VRF Copper tubes

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  • Pre-insulated Piping
  • Copper pipes and Fittings

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