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PHD Chamber of Commerce
Stand: W-20

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In order to overcome the limitations of conventional cooling water treatment, Tiaano developed a new concept in this field, removal of scale (both calcium & magnesium carbonate) by electrolytic operation, by using ‘Tiaano-ElSr’. Tiaano, India an ‘ISO 9001-2008’ and ‘CE mark’ certified company, incepted on 1992 with well-equipped in-plant facilities and qualified engineers for designing, manufacturing, testing, supplying & installing the electrochemical water treatment equipment including Tiaano-ElSr, an electrolytic scale remover. However, state of art electrolytic scale remover Tiaano-ElSr produces Oxidants in the water. Oxidants prevents the corrosion, Bio-fouling, Scaling, Micro-organism growth and spread of airborne bacteria. Tiaano-ElSr consists of reactors. Reactor-SR removes the scale from the raw water and control the TDS available in the water. Reactor-EC generates Sodium hypochlorite for the removal of airborne bacteria, bio-fouling and algae.

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  • Electrochemical Treatment (Non Chemical based)

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